Mitel marked as “strong buy” by analysts

In today’s industry news, Mitel Networks Corporation has received an average broker rating score of 1.40, marking the company as a “strong buy” as reported by analysts to Zacks Investment Research.

Three months ago, Mitel’s score went down by 16.7% as a result of analysts’ rating changes. Currently, Mitel has an industry rank of 174 out of 265, based on the ratings given to its competitors.

Mitel’s marked cap is $877.69 million. According to the company’s reports, they had $0.12 earnings per share for the quarter, which co-aligns with the analysts’ consensus estimates. During the quarter, the company’s earnings were $279.80 million, falling just a little bit short of the consensus estimate of $284.98 million.

Mitel had a positive return on equity which equals 14.48%. They had a negative net margin of 1.19%. Looking at the company’s year-on-year earnings, they are down by 4.7%. Analysts estimate that the company will post $0.60 EPS on average this year, with a $0.05 EPS for the current quarter

Mitel is an industry provider of collaboration software and other services, mostly known for its business communications solutions. The company operates through three segments, including  cloud, enterprise, and

mobile products.

Their products are supported and sold to premise-based customers through the enterprise segment, and the cloud segment is in charge of supporting and selling products that are deployed in a cloud-based environment.

A full report evaluating Mitel is available by visiting the official website of Zacks Investment Research.