Mitel launches OfficeLink, a subscription-based cloud application

Mitel has recently announced the launch of OfficeLink, a cloud application designed to allow for connected communications features on mobile devices, with small business owners being the target demographic.

Mitel’s CloudLink platform is how you will be able to access it. As for the specific features, here’s what you can expect:

– Group calling

– Conferencing

– Transfer

– Mid-call functionality

– Other business communication features

According to Bob Agnes from Mitel, the new application will help small business owners on their digital transformation journey, and they will be able to set their own pace and budget.

Further elaborating on the development procedure, he revealed that the new app was created in collaboration with small business customers. The final result ended up being a solution that is simple to use, and one that only contains the features the end-users will actually end up taking advantage of.

Agnes said that this is a reflection of the company’s commitment to make the transition to the cloud environment easier, allowing them to go to where they want to be and reach their goals faster.

Looking at the findings of the 2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report, it appears that poor communication policies and systems are pricey as well. It’s estimated that businesses lose about $11,000 per employee each single year, and the fault lies in their communication and collaboration solutions being ineffective.

Will the new app from Mitel put an end to the problem, or at least lessen its severity? Only time will tell.