Microsoft works on unveiling shadow IT

SANTA CLARA,CA/USA - MAY 11, 2014:  Microsoft corporate building in Santa Clara, California.  Microsoft is a multinational corporation that develops, supports and sells computer software and services.

Microsoft is launching Cloud App Security, which is designed to offer higher levels of control and visibility to IT departments over the SaaS applications.

The technology is based on that of Adallom, a software company that was acquired by Microsoft last year. The new technology can be used to help unveil problems with other apps that could lead to a data security breach. The company has said that the technology will be available starting in April this year.

Those who are using Office 365 cloud app discovery will be able to see which cloud services are being used, because it will be clear where data is being stored and how much data is being stored.

For most companies, shadow IT has become a problem as it creates a blind spot. Recent research shows that many businesses are not able to accurately estimate the number of cloud services that are currently being used within their companies on a day-to-day basis. For example, it is estimated that the average large company will be connected to around 1220 public cloud services. This is far higher than the amount that their IT departments are actually tracking.

The advanced security technology will also be able to warn users about any activity that places data at risk. This could be something as simple as creating a new user from a new location. The app permissions feature will allow greater control over the number and type of apps that are able to access the Office software.