Microsoft working on bringing the Azure uptime past 99.995%

As of right now, Microsoft Azure boasts an uptime of 99.995%. Despite this, the company is still working on improving it even more.

Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure Chief Technology Officer, has revealed that a new Quality Engineering team had been put in place. Alongside the Site Reliability Engineering team, they will work on improving Azure’s reliability.

Apart from that, he said that there are other Microsoft-sponsored initiatives that are pushing things forward. Between now and 2021, new availability zones will be introduced to the largest Azure regions. Their main purpose is to offer customers protection from datacentre-level failures.

In technical terms, these zones include the following:

– Cooling

– Independent power source

– Networking

In addition, Microsoft is making improvements to live migration, hot patching and in-place migration. When it comes to prioritising, the company is in favour of data retention over time-to-restore. That being said, certain customers have expressed the wish to make the decision on their own.

To address the issues before they become threatening, Microsoft has initiated Project Tardigrade. The aim is to address any hardware failures or memory leaks before they affect anything else. To do so, the virtual machines are briefly frozen to allow workloads to be moved to another host. However, the service is not yet available in its final form, nor is there any preview to check out as of yet.

Russinovich and the Microsoft team continue to be committed to reducing service issues to the bare minimum while improving the quality of their cloud services.