Microsoft Word is getting automatic audio transcription

Microsoft Word is getting an automatic audio transcription feature.

The new feature, called Transcribe in Word, is to be added initially to Word for the Web for Microsoft 365 users.

It allows users to speak into the microphone directly and have their recorded audio automatically converted into written text.

There is also the option of uploading pre-recorded audio files that work with videos.

This feature enables users to get a fully searchable and editable transcription.

According to Microsoft, the idea behind it is to allow users to retain their focus and stay in the moment – a concept similar to ‘prosumer’ positioning for its Surface devices and related services.

Transcribe in Word is available in the online version of Word only (the native Word app is excluded) and every Microsoft 365 subscriber will be able to access it.

The feature has been tried and tested in the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

At the moment, the automated transcription algorithm only understands English (the written output is in US English).

The current monthly limitation is five hours’ worth of uploaded audio content, with a file size of no more than 200MB per file.

However, speaking into Word directly allows the user to transcribe an unlimited amount of content.

The company has promised to release the feature in Office Mobile by the end of the year.

At the same time, Word is also receiving new dictation features.

With the help of voice commands, users will be able to perform the following text modifications:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Organise
  • Format

To use the Dictate feature in the mobile and web version of Word, users will need to be logged into their respective Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to access the Dictate feature in Word for Mac and Word desktop by the end of the year.