Microsoft wants to compete against iPads with Surface Go tablets

Starting in early August, Microsoft’s Surface Go tablets will be available for purchase and everyone is invited to grab one, as they are also meant for business users and not just the education market.

Starting at $399, these handy 10-inch, 1.15lb touchscreen devices are meant as an alternative to the ever-popular iPads. They are scheduled to hit the US and Canadian markets on the 2nd of August 2018, while the rest of the world will be gain access to them shortly thereafter. If you want to get the model with built-in LTE, you’re going to have to wait until fall. The pricing for the latter is still a mystery.

According to Microsoft, Surface Go tablets are much more than just a rebranded Surface 4 model, as they feature re-engineered weight, balance, size, and other device specifications.

The specs are as follows:

– 8 GB of ram

– 128 GB of SSD storage

– USB-C port

– Surface Connect port

– Micro SD extension slot

Microsoft has promised 9 hours of battery life, but in practice, it seems closer to 4 hours.

Regular consumers can get Surface Go with Windows 10 Home in S mode with the option of upgrading to the full Windows 10 Home. Enterprises can get the device with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled, they can also switch to S mode later. Schools will have the option of choosing either Windows 10 Home in S mode or Windows 10 Pro, and the purchasing price will reflect that decision.

You can pre-order Surface Go now.