Microsoft to spend $5B over 4 years on IoT

Microsoft will step up its IoT investments; over the next 4 years, the company is planning to spend $5B on it. This includes IoT research, programs, and products.

The company made the announcement yesterday.

The amount of money that Microsoft has previously invested in IoT remains a mystery. According to a blog post authored by Julia White, Microsoft Azure’s corporate vice president, Microsoft will be working on IoT operating systems which will be based on Windows 10, cloud services used for the purposes of controlling them, in addition to analytics solutions to obtain valuable insights from said IoT devices.

Did you know that Microsoft has been experimenting with IoT to power the Azure division? This has been underway for several years.

Last year, during the Build developers conference, computing “on the edge” was one of the main themes. Here’s the core idea: by making the data-processing power available at the edge of a network, instead of merely in a centralised cloud or something similar, customers can enjoy better and faster results from their “edge” devices.

So, what qualifies as an “edge” device? According to Microsoft, these include sensors, devices such as HoloLens, PCs, smartphones, and similar technology.

In any case, the company already has a whole line of IoT products and services in its line-up. There are multiple Windows 10 variants for embedded computing:

– Stream Analytics

– Azure IoT Central

– Azure IoT Hub

In fact, the Azure IoT Hub will feature a new device-to-cloud “telemetry” tier this very week.