Microsoft to release AI-powered Scheduler bot

Soon, scheduling a meeting will be simpler than before, thanks to Microsoft’s new Scheduler bot that relies on AI technology.

Back in 2016, Microsoft announced the development of

Since then, the project has been renamed to Scheduler, which is now on the brink of being released to the general public.

Microsoft officials state the company’s aim was to create a digital assistant for scheduling meetings that would effectively make back-and-forth emailing a thing of the past.

With the help of natural language processing, Scheduler helps you:

– Find a room

– Schedule the time

– Add an online meeting

The Scheduler assistant employs intelligent time management, machine learning, and resource coordination.

The main objective of Microsoft is to improve meetings all around.

Originally, the release date was set to April 2019, but it was pushed back to October 2019.

In any case, the Microsoft team has been passionately working on since February 2015 or possibly even longer. is basically a mesh of the following:

– Outlook

– Microsoft Research

– Genee

– Cortana

Allegedly, is compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Google calendar, and/or

In related news from Oracle, the company’s AI assistant is now compatible with Microsoft Teams.

For those who are using Teams and Office 365, the digital assistant is available for download from the official Microsoft Teams App store.

The great thing about Oracle Digital Assistant is that it allows querying Oracle cloud apps via a bot conversation.