Microsoft to give users more control over their data

From now on, you will be able to have more control over the way Microsoft stores and handles your data.

To increase their compliance with GDPR, Microsoft has decided to make some changes to their software offerings. For instance, enterprise customers will now have two new categories to choose from when it comes to personal data collection. Namely, Microsoft Office 365 will display the ‘required’ and ‘optional’ choices.

Julie Brill, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, shared some details regarding the ‘required’ option. Reportedly, this section has to do with collecting the type of data that is essential for proper functioning of their products or ensure the appropriate level of security.

To name some concrete examples, this includes:

– Device version and type

– Diagnostic data

– IP address

Moving on to the ‘optional’ data, as Brill explained it, it’s not necessary for the service to function properly. That being said, the users should still have a say in the matter and decide against this type of data collection if it does not serve their best interests.

For example, Microsoft collects images from Word documents to allow for better image options and slide optimisation.

In the future, the users will be given a chance to configure this permission immediately after the initial setup of the software.

Moreover, the company plans to enhance its written product documentation to ensure better data collection transparency. For better clarity, there is a report underway that will describe the upcoming changes in more detail.

In conclusion, be on the lookout for the ‘required’ and ‘optional’ categories as they will be rolled out in the months to come.