Microsoft Teams extends limit to 300 meeting participants

Microsoft has announced a major new feature for Teams – it is now confirmed that up to 300 video call participants will be able to participate at the same time.

This is one of many new features that Microsoft Teams has been getting recently.

The confirmation comes straight from Mike Tholfsen, product manager at Microsoft, who announced it in a tweet.

With the increased attendant capacity, this opens the doors to several new possibilities.

For instance, as it will now be possible to host a massive conference online using Microsoft Teams, this makes the platform a suitable alternative to its rival Zoom for organisations such as churches to host large virtual events.

Due to the fact that Zoom has made a number of missteps in the cyber security department in recent months, the world is in need of live conferencing solutions, and Microsoft Teams keeps improving over time.

Looking at its features, there is little to criticise about Zoom – however, numerous experts have noted that there is a long list of vulnerabilities and security issues that needs to be addressed.

Microsoft is aiming to position Teams as the most secure mass live conferencing solution on the market.

The company is raising the bar in terms of functionality and security upgrades, arguably even beating its competitor in terms of features.

While Zoom imposes a limit on free calls that is capped at 45 minutes, Microsoft Teams knows no such bounds.

Its newest features come bundled with other consumer tools as Microsoft aims for mass adoption.

For instance, users are now able to choose from a plethora of new backgrounds to customise their experience.

To address customer feedback, Microsoft will keep polishing its product to improve its performance and add new features as time goes on.