Microsoft targeting Android with SMS Organizer, a new app

Starting as a Garage incubation project, Microsoft SMS Organizer shows how the company is tightly focused on targeting Android smartphones as of late.

At first, this particular Garage incubation project targeted Indian users. Currently, it’s rolling out in a broad fashion, meaning that users from the US, UK, and Australia will be able to get a taste of it too.

The company is pursuing a strategy of developing apps that provide functionality on a core level. SMS Organizer, if accepted by users, will effectively replace Android’s default SMS application.

Among the rest of the features, the app allows you to categorise your SMS messages. Furthermore, you can archive older messages and block senders that annoy you. Machine learning is the technology that’s at play here; it allows you to sort the messages into separate folders.

At this point, Microsoft has gone a long way as it has published in excess of 150 apps to the Google Play Store. In fact, some of them have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

All in all, Microsoft has envisioned to expand upon the functionality of Android and iOS phones and bring them closer to what you can expect when using a Windows 10 PC. Given this, it’s no wonder why the company has developed so many apps, mostly focused around boosting one’s productivity.

Another indicator that Microsoft is so heavily focused on Android is the fact that more and more Microsoft apps are showing up on the Galaxy Note 10.