Microsoft takes the wraps off new free Office app

The Office progressive web app (PWA) is now available on the Microsoft Store. The new app was designed to replace the pre-installed MyOffice app.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, this is essentially an app version of It acts as a central dashboard from where you can view and open all recently-viewed Office documents and Microsoft apps, including:

– PowerPoint

– Word

– Excel

– Teams

– OneDrive

– Yammer

– Outlook

Its main distinguishing feature is that it’s much more than just a dashboard for offline documents – online documents are included as well. If you have no access to internet, it also has the full capacity to function without a working connection. You also have the option of pinning it to the taskbar.

What happens if you haven’t installed the Office productivity app and you attempt to launch it? In this case, the online version is initiated (otherwise, the local one takes priority).

Organisations will also find it incredibly easy to search through contacts and documents by using the new app. According to Microsoft, it was developed with this group of users in mind.

Feel free to visit the Microsoft Store if you’re interested in downloading it. Otherwise, an upcoming bundle of updates will include it, so expect the new app to be installed automatically at some point. If you want to see a demo of how it all works in action, head on over to Microsoft’s YouTube channel and check out their videos.