Microsoft Search is coming to File Explorer in build 20H1

From Windows 10 20H1 test build 18894 and onward, File Explorer will allow for the search functionality. The build also includes a couple of cybersecurity upgrades, general fixes and other updates.

File Explorer will now be powered by Microsoft’s new unified search experience. For those who are unaware, Microsoft has been actively working on unifying the search experience across different applications, including Bing, Windows and Office.

The new search box is designed to be proactively aware and will come up with different suggestions before you’re finished typing the search query. The suggestions will easily help you find:

– People

– App commands

– Related content

During the Build 2019 conference, it was announced that the unified search experience will be available across:

– OneDrive

– Outlook

– Bing

– SharePoint

– Windows

In a recent post Microsoft published on their official blog, company officials note that the new unified search experience will help users integrate the traditional indexed results with OneDrive content. According to them, the Insiders are the first group of users who will get access to it, but not the entire group, as the company plans to give access to a small fraction of it only. Later on, the remainder of the group will be allowed to take part.

In practice, once this goes live, users will be able to see a dropdown menu with a list of suggested files. By pressing ‘enter’, it will be possible to crawl through the non-indexed results. Search history is also a part of the new design.