Microsoft raising Azure prices in some regions

The cost of using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service is going to rise in some parts of the world.

Microsoft says that the rises are due to currency fluctuation issues and that it believes the cost increases are reasonable. A spokesperson for the company said that market conditions are being monitored in all countries and, as a result, the cost of enterprise cloud services will be going up, beginning in Australia at the beginning of August.

The cost of services is also being reviewed for currencies such as the euro, the Norwegian krone, the Swedish krona, Canadian dollar and the Danish krone. Customers signing up before the end of July will be able to get the services at the current prices and those who are renewing agreements before the end of the month will also be able to use the current price structure. After this date the new costing will apply.

Blogger Aiden Finn has quoted emails from Microsoft suggesting that the cost of using the cloud computing service in Australia will go up by 26%, while countries using the euro will see an 11% increase.

Other companies, such as Amazon and Google, also offer cloud computing services in Australia; however, they have not yet suggested that they are considering an increase in fees.

A statement from Microsoft says that the cost increase in the EU region is due to “the rapid evolution of the market for cloud services and evolving local dynamics”; however, it has also confirmed that UK customer will not be affected by cost adjustments.