Microsoft publishes a 5-level security configuration framework

Recently, Microsoft has published a 5-level security configuration framework instructing administrators on how to protect Windows 10 devices.

The SECCON framework, as the company has decided to name it, was designed to provide you with a firm set of security policies and controls you are recommended to implement first. The framework categorizes your device into one of five different levels, inspired by DEFCON.

From level five to level one, the areas follows:

  •  Enterprise level. This is the minimum level of cybersecurity acceptable for an enterprise device. These configurations are rather straightforward in nature and can be deployed within 30 days.
  •  Enterprise high security. This is the recommended configuration level for devices where users access sensitive information. These configurations are deployable within 90 days.
  •  Enterprise VIP security. This configuration is appropriate for organizations with larger and more sophisticated cybersecurity teams. If you believe your organization is likely to be targeted by sophisticated adversaries, this security level is for you. Deployment can take well beyond 90 days.
  • Develops workstation. This configuration level is perfect for developers and testers, both lucrative targets for credential theft attacks as well as supply chain attacks.
  •  Administrator workstation. Naturally, system administrators are up against the highest risk, whether it be data alteration, data theft or service disruption.

During the process of development, feedback was gathered from a select group of pilot customers in addition to the help received from Microsoft sales teams.