Microsoft promises three years of Android updates for the Surface Duo

Industry giants Microsoft, Google, and Samsung have committed to providing a steady flow of Android updates.

Starting off with Microsoft, the company has promised to provide three years of updates for its new Surface Duo Android phone.

Those customers who decide to purchase a device now get to lock in the deal.

The deal also covers:

  • Microsoft’s custom Android launcher
  • Future software improvements

This comes at a time when Samsung has announced its support for “three generations of Android updates”.

Samsung’s deal covers all devices from its Galaxy S10 upwards (with the A-series being a notable exception).

To list another industry example, Google’s own line of Pixel smartphones also offers three years of guaranteed support.

Note that anyone who purchases a device will get at least three years’ worth of updates (and possibly more).

In technical terms, the clock started ticking when the device first popped up on the Google Play Store.

One of the most common criticisms regarding the Android platform is that crucial updates seem to come a bit too late.

Consequently, this tends to have a negative impact on security.

It is therefore great news that Samsung, Microsoft and Google are working towards remedying the problem by promising to commit to a guaranteed three-year period of updates.

Android 10 is known for having the fastest adoption rate of any released version of the operating system thus far, so the situation is improving at a steady pace.

With that being said, Android’s adoption rate is still lagging behind that of iOS.

However, given that Microsoft, Samsung and Google have committed to keep issuing updates and security patches, Android adoption stands to rival it in the years to come.