Microsoft partners up with Grab to focus on AI and Azure

Microsoft has decided to partner up with Grab, a ride-sharing service. In the process, Grab will also be adopting Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities in order to increase the capacity of its platform.

The partnership is planned to last 5 years, during which time the companies are going to work together on various projects, including the ones having something to do with big data and AI.

Ming Maa, the president of Grab, looks forward to collaborating with Microsoft and enhancing the on-demand transportation and online-to-offline user experience.

Currently, Grab operates in 235 cities across South Asia. According to the company, GrabPay, its digital wallet, holds a market-leading position in the area.

The companies will be working towards improving the user experience as well as:

– Driver safety

– Map creation

– Fraud protection

Grab will also be exploring new authentication mechanisms as well as image recognition. In other words, a passenger could simply take a photo of the location and have it translated into an actual address, so the driver could arrive there without problems.

Microsoft’s AI and machine learning technology will be put to a good use through enabling Grab’s users to receive advanced recommendations as well as improving map creation and quality.

In the future, it will be possible to book a ride with Grab straight through Outlook applications. Moreover, as time goes on, Grab will integrate Microsoft Rewards Gifts Cards into the Grab Rewards loyalty program.