Microsoft Office 365 users to receive Kaizala for free

Kaizala, Microsoft’s WhatsApp-like application, will become free of charge for commercial Microsoft Office 365 customers.

Originally, Kaizala was a productivity tool for the Indian market. Since then, however, Microsoft has broadened its distribution, and now, the pro version has become available worldwide for no additional fee if you have the commercial package.

Whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, you can download the app from the official app store. If you don’t have the Microsoft Office 365 commercial plan and thus haven’t had the chance to get the pro version for free, it’s available for a monthly fee of $1.50 per user.

Unlike the free version, it includes:

– Advanced reporting

– Analytics

– Group management

If you are familiar with WhatsApp, you’ll feel right at home. Providing free WiFi messaging across mobile devices, you’ll also get to enjoy its group chat features, all of which facilitate the communication between teams and departments. However, video conferencing is not a part of its features. Kaizala runs on Microsoft Azure.

Although there are many Microsoft tools designed for team collaboration, this one positions itself as the collaboration app meant for first-line workers. In other words, the “deskless” employees who can usually be found on the front lines in retail and customer support.

There are similar solutions available for first-line workers, such as:

– Teams group-chat service

– Windows 10 in S mode

– Microsoft 365 F1

Additional information about Kaizala is available on Microsoft’s official website.