Microsoft Office 365 users can now edit PDF files online

Quite some time ago, the requests to edit PDF files online without having to download first started raining from the Microsoft Office 365 community. Now, the wish finally seems to have been granted.

The Microsoft Office 365 camp were not the only ones requesting the feature though, as the same can be said for the SharePoint community. Microsoft has since decided to lend an attentive ear to their pleas and enabled the feature for everyone to take advantage of.

From now on, you can not only edit PDF files without having to download them first, you can also share them with your friends or colleagues.

The original thread received in excess of 1900 votes to this very date. The on-premises SharePoint servers have supported this feature for a while, ironically, before its online counterpart received it. Since Microsoft generally wants you to switch over to online versions of their software when promoting them, this comes as a bit of a surprise.

In any case, more than 200 commentators chimed in on the thread, complaining that a lack of the said feature is a deal breaker for their organisations. They noted it was problematic that a user had to download the file first in order to view it, which, in turn, created another problem of various different file versions circulating around that were not in-sync with the latest one.

According to Microsoft officials, safekeeping your files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online is not only simpler when it comes to managing them, but safer as well.