Microsoft looking to influence the meetings of tomorrow

Microsoft is working on a way to make the meetings of tomorrow less painful and smarter by using Teams, Cortana, HoloLens business apps, and more.

In a podcast published about a year ago, Microsoft hinted at the possibility of Cortana conference features becoming rather commonplace.

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, has mostly fallen behind Alexa and Google Home in terms of functionality, and the number of devices integrating it. Last year, however, the Alexa-Cortana partnership was announced, so we’re likely to see Cortana working on more devices in the future.

Moreover, Cortana will now be embedded in Microsoft’s Teams workplace chat product, as well as Outlook – the popular mailing app.

In the company’s build demonstration, they showed a conferencing device prototype that recorded video and audio, then connected it with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365, automatically identifying the participants of the meeting, as well as automatically transcribing and translating what is being said.

In a meeting environment of the future, we are likely to see HoloLens augmented-reality goggles and other gadgets designed to provide a better experience for all. For example, this could allow the participants to view some of the data spatially.

Microsoft has already demonstrated two new HoloLens apps that will be available for preview later this month. Remote Assist, a hands-free video calling app, and Microsoft Layout, an app for designing spaces using holograms and 3D models in mixed reality.

Holoportation and telepresence might also become part of Microsoft’s vision for the future.