Microsoft leads the way in India

It has been revealed that Microsoft has become the first large cloud computing provider to offer services in India.

India has a growing technical industry and Microsoft’s announcement was made via Azurecon, a virtual service via which the company reveals a variety of information on the future of its Azure cloud. Azure has been of great benefit to the company; however, it is still behind Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Amazon is set to bring in around $7m (£4.6m) from its cloud section this year.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes the company has a couple of advantages in the cloud marketplace. The first is that the service connects neatly with Windows Server software, which means migrating to the cloud is easy, while the second advantage is that the company has a large global reach. There are 24 Azure regions around the world, including the three new data centres being opened in India.

The company will be able to reach many more customers, as better performance can be delivered by a local data centre. There are also companies that prefer to have their data kept close to hand rather than in a data centre on the other side of the world. Amazon is planning to launch cloud services in India next year, but Google has not yet announced an expansion into India.

Other recent Microsoft announcements include a container management service and the availability of the Azure Internet of Things cloud.