Microsoft launches Kids Mode for Edge

A new family-oriented Kids Mode has gone live in the Microsoft Edge browser.

It is available for Windows and macOS.

To enable it, simply navigate to the Edge profile option and turn it on.

Once enabled, your kids will only be permitted to visit a list of approved sites while browsing.

Kids Mode does not require a Microsoft account and there are many customisation options, including ones for:

  • Colours
  • Themes
  • Backgrounds

According to Microsoft Edge product director Divya Kumar, the new mode creates a protected online environment that is meant for kids aged 12 and under, thus giving the parents some peace of mind when browsing the web on a shared device.

As long as Kids Mode is enabled, a parent should have no second thoughts when handing a laptop over to a child and letting them surf the web, and this lies at the forefront of its design.

Moreover, you can custom-tailor the experience, making it suitable either for kids between five and eight years of age or nine to 12 years of age – the latter comes with pre-curated, kid-friendly news articles (for obvious reasons, these exclude politics and similar topics).

Irrespective of which one you choose, Kids Mode will give you the highest level of tracking prevention.

In addition, it comes with Bing SafeSearch functionality, which filters out any adult content that the child comes across, both media or content-based.

By default, Kids Mode comes with 70 pre-approved popular kids’ sites with the option of adding in more by hand.

To prevent a child from bypassing the restrictions, certain popular Windows keyboard shortcuts are disabled while the mode is active (however, the same is not in effect on macOS).

To switch back to regular browsing mode, an authorised adult will have to enter the correct credentials.

In case a child stumbles upon a page that is not on the allowed list, they will need the parents’ permission to visit it.