Microsoft is working on cardless ATM withdrawals

In partnership with Microsoft, the National Australia Bank is looking to implement a feature that would allow their customers to withdraw cash from the ATM machines using their face, without the need of presenting a card.

The proof of concept was developed using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. The solution effectively eliminates the need to carry a card with you if you want to withdraw funds; however, you’d also need to input the correct PIN number in order for the machine to release the funds. Moreover, such a solution reduces the risk of card fraud and skimming.

The ATM system uses cloud technology. It does not store images, only the biometric data. According to Microsoft, once the experiment is concluded, the data will be deleted from the servers. The companies have stated that the participants will not have their banking information connected to the system.

In around two months’ time, a small team from NAB’s in-house innovation labs, NAB Lab, has come up with the concept. Also, the bank will be moving SAP, one of its core platforms, to Microsoft Azure. Over time, NAB will be moving the majority of its most fundamental solutions to the cloud, using it for the purposes of accelerating innovation and development.

In May, the bank announced the NAB Cloud Guild, a training program for sharpening one’s AWS skills. It will be available to the NAB staff members, a team that currently consists of more than 2000 individuals.