Microsoft is resurrecting one of Windows 95’s most popular features

PowerToys, one of the most popular features of Microsoft Windows 95, is making a re-appearance in Windows 10.

Among other benefits, PowerToys allows you to manipulate the Windows user interface. Of course, Microsoft won’t be bringing it back in its bare-bones form, so expect it to be revamped and improved upon.

This summer, the first preview will become available on GitHub. Just as is the case with open-source Windows Calculator, the build will be released under the MIT license. Microsoft is encouraging their users to submit any feedback they see fit.

Since PowerToys was abandoned following the release of Microsoft Windows XP, users of Windows 10 will once again be able to enjoy its powerful functionality.

Concretely speaking, Microsoft is working on a new widget that will allow you to maximize to a new desktop. This will be available in the form of a pop-up button that gets displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over the maximise and restore button. By selecting the new option, a new desktop will be created, and the app that gets launched also gets sent to the new desktop.

Windows key shortcut guide is another novelty that’s in the works. This will be activated when the user holds down the Windows key for longer than one second. At this point, Windows will analyse the current state of the desktop and show any shortcuts available.Among other things, Microsoft is also working on:

– Full window manager
– Battery tracker
– Batch file renamer
– Keyboard shortcut manager
– Contents menu file browsing