Microsoft is integrating Kaizala into Teams

During the course of the next 12 to 18 months, Microsoft will make Kaizala an integrated part of Teams, a popular group chatting solution.

Kaizala is a phone-number-based app that’s currently available for both the iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft is aiming at convincing more first-line workers to give their products and services a shot, and Kaizala fits right into that overall strategy.

Back in 2017, it started out as a Microsoft Garage incubation project; specifically, a productivity tool designed for the Indian market. Since then, the pro version of it has become a part of Microsoft Office 365 commercial plans available at no charge.

Recently, in one of their official blog posts, the company announced that Kaizala’s capabilities will be integrated into Teams. Reportedly, additional details will become available later this quarter. Regardless of the fact that it’s getting integrated, Kaizala will continue to receive new features in the meantime.

For starters, there is the @mentions feature. It comes in handy when tagging people participating in a conversation. If you’ve changed your mind about a message you’ve sent in the last hour or so, you’ll be able to delete it (there is no time limit for group admins). Later this quarter, a new version of the Kaizala app will be released. As a part of its features, Microsoft has also decided to add video calling and image annotation to it.

Since many users find the overlap of Microsoft’s collaboration apps confusing, integrating Kaizala into Teams is a welcome change.