Microsoft introduces Known Folder Migration feature to OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive consumers are getting a new option through which they’ll be able to automatically back up their Pictures, Documents, and Desktop folders to the cloud.

At the end of June, Microsoft announced OneDrive for business, a feature designed to help with migrating the local Windows PC data to the cloud. At the time, there were hints that the same feature would be coming to OneDrive as well.

Known Folder Migration, as the feature is called, was officially announced yesterday. Thanks to its functionality, Windows 7, 8, and 10 users will be able to automatically back up their Pictures, Documents, and Desktop documents to the cloud. However, as Microsoft notes, you will not be able to back up. PST or OneNote files this way, at least the ones you aren’t already storing on OneDrive.

To the IT pros, Microsoft pitched the new feature as getting the files off local PCs and storing it in the cloud. Regular consumers got a little different version of the pitch, even though the functionality remains the same.

You can enable the new feature either by activating it in OneDrive settings manually or by following a prompt from Microsoft. Here’s the procedure:

– Go to OneDrive settings

– Click More

– Select Settings

– Navigate to the Auto Save tab

Selecting this option will allow you to sync your information better than storing it locally and syncing it to OneDrive later.


As an added bonus, Microsoft noted that files stored on OneDrive consumer are protected against potential ransomware attacks.