Microsoft fixes Windows update DNS outage problems

Last week, there was a global DNS outage that caused all sorts of Microsoft Windows update problems. Reportedly, the issue is now fixed and things should get back to normal soon.

During the problematic phase, Microsoft Windows users were unable to fetch OS, security, and software updates from the Microsoft servers. UK and US customers were affected. Some customers were able to bypass the issue by changing their DNS settings to Google’s Public DNS.

An official explanation from Microsoft came in that explained that data corruption in an external DNS was to blame. According to the company, this took place on the 29th of January.

Luckily, they managed to resolve it on the very same day it was spotted. Although the Update service is now functioning normally, there are some customers still experiencing issues despite it being fixed. The company expects these issues to be resolved as soon as the downstream servers get updated with the correct DNS entries.

Microsoft relies on Windows Update to resolve certain Intel display driver issues. In November 2018, they decided to block them due to a data-destroying bug.

Back then, the bugged drivers were responsible for messing up audio playback from monitors that were connected to the machine. The company reports that updated drivers have since been released by Intel. These are supposed to remedy the issue; however, bear in mind that PC OEMs must make the new drivers available through the official Microsoft Windows Update platform.