Microsoft fixes critical data deletion bug

After the unexpected problems with the October Windows update rollout, Microsoft has been able to determine the root cause of the critical data deletion bug. Members of the Windows Insider program are the first to receive a patch. The general public, however, will have to wait a bit.

According to one of their blog posts, their service personnel are available to help customers deal with the issue at no additional charge.

Once they get a chance to study the results of the patch and after making sure that everything in order, there will be an official re-release of Windows 10 October 2018 update.

John Cable, director of program management at Microsoft, explained that the problem occurred on computers where Known Folder Redirection was enabled, but some of the files remained in the original location. For example, moving the documents folder to a new location would cause the bug to delete the old one if some files remained in it.

Additionally, the same bug would be triggered if you used OneDrive’s auto-save feature to move the contents of the Desktop to a new location. If some of the old files remained where they used to be, the same bug would be triggered.

Thankfully, Microsoft claims they’ve now investigated all the cases where data could be lost because of the bug, so you no longer have to worry about it. According to the estimates, a few hundred people were affected by the bug. To mitigate the matters, the company assures us the affected individuals will receive data recovery assistance.