Microsoft Edge to forcibly open certain websites instead of Internet Explorer

Next month, there will be substantial changes for Internet Explorer users.

When these are in full effect, it will no longer be possible to open certain websites, as Microsoft Edge will forcibly take on the initiative.

This affects a total of 1,156 websites, including:

  • StackExchange
  • GoDaddy
  • Moneygram
  • Yahoo Mail
  • YouTube
  • Hotstar
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • VK
  • eharmony
  • ESPN
  • Chase

Upon attempting to open one of these websites in Internet Explorer, the browser will refuse to carry out the task, and Edge will automatically open instead.

The reason behind these changes is that Microsoft is working on deprecating Internet Explorer, and this is the next step towards that goal.

Microsoft has been testing the new feature since this summer, which marked the release of Edge 84.

When Edge 87 is released next month, the new feature will roll over to all Internet Explorer users.

Microsoft has been working on a DLL file called ie_to_edge_bho.dll, which was deployed during the summer.

This is a Browser Helper Object (BHO) and is at the core of the new feature.

Every time that Internet Explorer is launched, the BHO file is loaded via a registry key.

This particular BHO monitors what websites the user attempts to access and may prevent a URL from loading, regardless of whether it was entered into the URL bar itself or the user clicked on a link.

In such an event, it will check whether the URL that is to be opened belongs to a list of websites with known Internet Explorer incompatibilities.

If it does, then a new Microsoft Edge window will be opened instead.

The user will also receive a message explaining what happened.

As it can be argued that this qualifies as intrusive behaviour, enterprise customers will have the option to disable it.