Microsoft Edge gets new features, grows in popularity

Microsoft Edge has recently had some new features added to it.

The browser currently ranks at number two in popularity, behind Google Chrome.

Edge is generally perceived to be a secure and functional alternative to Chrome, and the features it received recently are certain to help it grow even more.

The first feature comes as part of a Windows 10th May 2020 update and is designed to improve the browser’s performance.

According to Microsoft Edge’s principal PM manager Kim Denny, it will now take up 27% less of your device’s memory when you browse.

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge use the Chromium engine, but Chrome has recently been facing a number of memory-related issues.

Edge may also face this feature, but only in Windows 10.

Another new feature that Microsoft Edge will be getting is the much-needed compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This will give users of older Windows versions a new browser alternative.

Microsoft notes that Windows 7 support ended last year, meaning that the update was not meant for enterprise devices.

Microsoft does not force you to use its flagship browser –  a shortcut will be added to your desktop, but you are free to keep your default browser choice.

Microsoft Edge’s extensions store is getting an update to its offerings, and it comes in the form of a redesign that will make it simpler to navigate.

If you install the right add-on from the store, you will be able to set aside the tabs you currently have open and start a new browsing session (you can go back and access them at any time).

Despite the revamped version only entering the race a couple of months ago, its features and security have already positioned it right next to Google Chrome.

A couple of months ago, it received several work-from-home features to make the experience seamless and secure, and it also features built-in pop-up blocking.