Microsoft Azure Sentinel now available to the general public

Until now, Microsoft Azure Sentinel has remained exclusive to public preview only.

Beginning today and onwards, it is an official Azure service, thus becoming available to the general public.

With this, Microsoft has officially entered the SIEM market, which deals in the kind of software that cybersecurity teams often rely on.

Their main purpose is to work on analysing different sources like system logs, applications, antivirus programs and databases, to find any signs of anomalies or cybersecurity-related incidents.

Due to how precise they tend to be in their searches, they have found their place in various enterprises.

Without them, keeping an eye on hundreds of threats indicators would be next to impossible.

If you’re familiar with this type of software, the inner workings of Microsoft Azure Sentinel should be fairly close to you.

Apart from its various similarities, it is also easy to integrate with the company’s other offerings like Microsoft Office 365.

Among its other features is the option of importing data from third-party solutions, which includes custom data streams in CEF format.

According to the company, the Sentinel’s main features rely on machine learning and AI technologies.

This helps it to be efficient at adapting to cybersecurity threats and capable of analysing data as needed.

As for the pricing model, you’ll be charged based on how much you use it.

A gigabyte of data analysed will set you back by $2.46.