Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS the top cloud providers for 2019

As it turns out, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS have managed to retain their positions on the market. That being said, modern technologies like AI and machine learning have kept the field open for new entries.

Among the key related themes to be on the lookout for in 2019, we have the following:

1. Pricing power

The computer and storage services industry is known for its price wars. According to the RightScale survey, companies are looking for ways to keep cloud costs down.

2. Multi-cloud

The highlights from Kentik’s survey point towards the fact that public cloud customers are often using more than just one vendor. For example, Microsoft Azure is often used in conjunction with AWS. Along with certain other factors, this creates a healthy level of competition in the market.

3. Artificial intelligence

Cloud vendors are upselling IoT, AI and analytics technologies. In terms of strategies used to attract more customers, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are using similar strategies. The differences arise from offering you extra AI functionality.

4. Cloud computing landscape

Despite the fact that the cloud computing industry is becoming increasingly more mature, financial transparency is an entirely different story. When it comes to cloud computing providers, transparency seems to be decreasing. Microsoft’s cloud platform reaps many successes today, but the exact figures are hard to tell. Google’s cloud platform follows the same pattern in the sense that they don’t reveal cloud sales revenue at all.