Microsoft Azure Data Box – now with an SSD disk option

Microsoft Azure Data Box, Amazon Snowball’s competitor, is getting an SSD option.

The intended purpose of the Azure Data Box is to help users move data into Microsoft Azure faster and more securely. Last fall, we were granted a chance to take part in a live preview program.

Recently, Microsoft has announced the Data Box Disk, which is an SSD option suitable for migrating up to 40 terabytes of data, either as a one-time event or on a recurring basis.

Originally, the preview was available to US-based users, but now, Microsoft has decided to expand the reach to Europe and the UK regions.

Moreover, two additional Azure services have been announced: Azure Firewall and Azure Virtual WAN.

Jason Zander, Executive Vice President of Azure, wrote a blog post explaining some of the details. He claims that instead of adding the cloud to your network, you will now be able to add your network to the cloud, as well as protect it with a network security service that’s native to it.

As for the Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN, it promises to make connecting to and through Azure a much easier task. Users have the option of connecting the branches with each other, as well as Azure, by using the service.

Also, it can be used for the purposes of routing traffic to virtual appliances, like Microsoft Azure network security services and firewalls. Microsoft Azure Firewall was designed as a security feature to help protect your Azure Virtual Network.