Microsoft acquires new messaging app

It has been revealed that Microsoft has acquired Talko, a mobile messaging app developed by a former Microsoft architect.

The app was designed by Ray Ozzie, the man responsible for the development of Lotus Notes before he joined Microsoft. Mr Ozzie is also responsible for the company’s focus on cloud computing services. The fact that he has sold his new app to Microsoft does not mean that he will be going back to work for the company, however, even though the rest of the team that has been working on the app will be moving over to the larger company when the deal is finalised.

The Talko app, which will be part of the Skype and Skype for Business apps, focuses on live voice communications and will take over from the traditional conference call set-up by using cloud computing systems. Users will also be able to record whole conversations so that they can be used later for training purposes and for updates. The app was designed primarily for business and appears to be a perfect fit for Microsoft’s Skype for Business app, improving online communications and VoIP applications.

The Talko app will actually be closed down over the course of the next few months, with the features incorporated into the Skype products. Mr Ozzie has confirmed that he is committed to the development of new apps and products and is looking forward to his next challenge.