Microsoft 365 subscription bundle is in the works

Microsoft 365 Consumer, as the new subscription bundle is called, was designed to complement the already-existing Microsoft 365 subscription bundle for business users.

Here’s what’s in it:

– Skype

– Windows 10

– Outlook Mobile

– Cortana

– Office 365

Currently, there is no reason to think that Microsoft is considering stopping the free distribution of Windows 10, just because it’s bundled with the new package.

The existing Microsoft 365 bundle comes with Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (this includes some Microsoft Azure Active Directory capabilities, analytics, and Intune device management) and it’s sold as a subscription. The Microsoft 365 concept was originally introduced in July 2017.

Here’s what the current range of 365 bundles lets you choose from:

– Microsoft 365 Government

– Microsoft 365 Education

– Microsoft 365 Non-profit

– Microsoft 365 Enterprise

– Microsoft 365 Business

– Microsoft 365 F1 for frontline workers

This year’s Inspire event was characterised by Microsoft discussing consumer re-engagement via a “Modern Life and Devices” approach. The new bundle falls under that category.

So, what’s the Modern Life and Devices (or MLD for short)? Simply put, it’s targeted at professional customers. In other words, it’s meant for people who are comfortable with using technology but would like to figure out how to get even more out of it and use it to increase their productivity.

Finally, it’s worth noting that if you are a Microsoft Go user, the current Microsoft 365 plan is an option. Microsoft Go is aimed at frontline workers, consumers, and education providers.