Many managers unsure about modern technology

A study by IT company Daisy Group has revealed that more than one-quarter of SME managers in the UK are unable to explain what broadband is.

More than 1,140 business owners took part in the survey. Almost 30% were unable to define ‘cloud computing’, while a staggering 92% had no idea what a data centre is.

The research was carried out to figure out just how clued-up the British are when it comes to modern technology and the internet. Nearly half (43%) of the participants had no idea at all about cloud computing, while 44% were unsure about fibre broadband. Surprisingly, 20% of the participants were unable to explain Wi-Fi.

The researchers said that the results show that there is a gap between the advanced technology and the number of people who understand it, even though many of these services are designed for businesses to use.

The study also showed that 75% of the respondents could not explain VoIP, even though this technology is widely used and has been reducing phone costs considerably over the last few years.

The researchers suggested that this lack of knowledge could be behind the government’s decision to change the name of the broadband promotion programme to Superfast Britain from Super Connected Cities.

Another suggestion was that it is the role of those in the IT industry to turn this situation around and help companies to cut through the jargon and develop a better understanding of the technology on offer.