Macworld shares essential ways to protect iPhones from hackers

Enter passcode screen of an iPhone running iOS 9This morning, Macworld released some essential data security tips that should help you protect your iPhone against unauthorised access.

  1. Update iOS regularly

Occasionally, hackers take advantage of certain vulnerabilities found in the code that are patched by the developers shortly after discovery. By updating regularly, you decrease your chances by being targeted by them.

  1. Find my Phone feature

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can remotely connect to the device through this app to delete any sensitive information it may contain.

  1. Use passphrases

The 4-digit pin may not be enough to ease the worries of some, especially if your device contains sensitive data. Use a passphrase instead.

  1. Auto-wipe content

You can set your phone to auto-wipe the content stored on it after 10 unsuccessful password attempts.

  1. Do not open unknown links

Opening unknown links and files could be a potential data security threat.

  1. Revoke app permissions

If you do not trust an app, you can revoke its permissions, so it will not be able to access your personal data.

  1. Disable Siri

Although Siri is a great assistant, the fact is that it has often been exploited by hackers in the past, which makes it a potential data security liability.

  1. Disable auto-fill

While auto-fill is convenient so you do not have to remember passwords, if a hacker gains access to your device, they will automatically gain access to your accounts as well.