breached, 55K accounts affected

Recently,, a popular subscription-based course and training site where members can work on their business and technology skill sets, which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, notified their users of a data security breach.

Although the passwords probably are not a reason for concern as they were encrypted and hashed, the training site wants to avoid having to take any unnecessary risk. Based on that reasoning, they are resetting the logins just to be on the safe side.

According to the company, 55K user accounts were affected. Because they want to be extra safe, they also decided to alert the other 9.5M customers through email.

Apart from the hashed passwords, the perpetrators also got away with the learning data of their victims, along with what courses they viewed. Currently, there is no evidence the stolen data has become publicly available.

Back in 2012, LinkedIn became the target of hackers who got away with more than 117M user account login credentials. However, this new breach pales in comparison to the old one. Apart from that, there are no grounds to assume there is any connection between the two incidents in question.

The latest data security breach, no matter how relatively harmless it may be, certainly will not be to Microsoft’s liking, the company that acquired the popular training site not too long ago. A new era of LinkedIn that is packed full of data security issues is probably not what they were looking for, even though no serious damage was done to users.