Long passwords are key to solid data security

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Kevin Howard, a Secuvant employee, spoke at a recent panel discussion. He suggested that companies insist on their employees using lengthy passwords in order to keep hackers out of their systems.

He suggests passwords be comprised of at least 12 to 15 characters. The problem with long passwords, however, is that they are hard to remember.

Immediately after, Howard presented a solution to this problem, and it may be as simple as saying “I have two dogs”. This plays to the fact that a password does not need to be a single word. Instead, it can very well be a phrase, which makes it much easier to remember.

If you are going to take this approach, he warned, you should consider throwing in some punctuation marks as well. Suddenly, you have a strong and complex password that is simple to remember.

Still, avoiding the most common phrases may be a good data security practice, since hackers sometimes scan books for them, in attempts to guess passwords straight away.

The chamber indicates that cyberattacks cost businesses $400 billion a year. Most of the breaches remain undiscovered for weeks. According to them, strong passwords should help companies combat breaches, along with following the principle of never sharing passwords and changing them regularly. Regular software updates, using privacy settings, and being vigilant while online also goes a long way.

Finally, Howard stated that most corporate policies require a password comprised of at least 8 characters. He said this is not enough.