London cybercrime court is coming to the UK

The UK government has made a huge announcement: there will soon be a dedicated court for cybercrime-related matters.

This is a deal between the City of London Corporation and the judiciary, and it also involves a new police station. UK’s new cybercrime court will deal with property, business, and civil cases.

Lord Chancellor David Gauke believes that Britain is ready to deal with how crime has changed in the 21st century. After the Old Bailey, the Square Mile will be getting its second iconic courthouse. He is particularly pleased that the court will be focused on dealing with modern criminal cases like economic crime, cybercrime, and fraud.

The Office for National Statistics reports that in 2017, there were 4.7 million incidents involving cybercrime and criminal fraud, all experienced by the citizens of UK. Most of them were at least loosely related to bank and credit card fraud.

According to Norton, cybercriminals managed to steal £130 billion from the general population, with £4.6 billion in losses affecting British consumers specifically.

Improving the cybersecurity aspect of our lives through legal treadmills is a very welcome sight, especially as cybercrime is increasing in numbers. However, now, we’re going to have specialist courts dealing with such matters, which is an important step in dealing with cybercriminals at least in the aftermath, if not at the source.

Still, some time is going to pass before the new cybercrime court will become a part of our lives; it’s estimated that it won’t be completed before 2025.