London business broadband problems continue

There are still concerns that business broadband provision in London is not adequate.

Westminster City Council said that companies are being held back by a lack of adequate business broadband. It is estimated that less than half of Westminster has been given access to superfast broadband services, even though London is supposed to be a global economic powerhouse.

Smaller businesses are struggling because they cannot afford to lease the business lines that larger companies can. A number of other parts of the capital are being given the faster services. There are an estimated 50,000 businesses in the Westminster district and the majority of these are SMEs. The highest concentration is in the West End, but this area has the lowest superfast broadband coverage in the region.

The area offers employment to 640,000 people and adds more than £50bn to the economy. Local councillor Daniel Astaire said that London is struggling when compared to other capital cities. He pointed out that it does not make sense to leave the businesses struggling and a way has to be found to make improvements.

Westminster City Council is continuing to work on bringing in improvements because it believes that this problem not only affects the one borough but is also having a knock-on effect on the UK economy. Businesses are missing out on the benefits that faster services can bring. Local businesses have supported the councillor’s comments and find it ironic that the BT Tower is just a minute or two’s walk away.