LG Electronics begins indoor robot delivery service trial

South Korean firm LG Electronics has begun a service trial of its fleet of LG Cloi Servebots.

Anyone within LG Science Park, the company’s headquarters in Seoul, will now be able to order convenience store products from local chain GS25 and have the items delivered straight to them.

From a technological point of view, these robots are smart enough to be able to use lifts all on their own.

In the storage container they come equipped with, there is ample space to store items such as drinks, sandwiches and lunch boxes.

In fact, the robots have a total of three drawers at their disposal and each can carry up to 15kg worth of goods.

Customers can use the KakaoTalk app to place an order.

After the order is placed, the convenience store employees will review the list, fetch the items from the store, and place them in the robot’s storage.

Once the robot is loaded up and ready to go, it will be dispatched towards its destination.

Upon arrival, the customer will be notified of the robot’s presence via a call and a text message.

According to LG, the process is estimated to take no more than five minutes.

Customers will be kept up to date about the robot’s progress and will be able to access their delivery history.

The company believes that its robots will not only reduce human-to-human contact but also save precious time for busy office workers.

To bring the brand to a new level and to improve the customer experience and convenience aspect of the service, a partnership will be formed with GS Retail, which runs GS25.

LG has a proven track record of assisting several industries.

In July, its robots were deployed to Seoul National University Hospital to help transport medical equipment.

In March, they were utilised in restaurants for carrying food trays to tables.