Lenovo announces AR glasses for enterprise

Lenovo seems to have recognised the opportunity that is the augmented reality (AR) industry in enterprise.

The company has announced the arrival of ThinkReality A3, a pair of enterprise AR glasses that follow in the footsteps of industry giants such as Microsoft and Epson.

Although the exact launch date is not yet known, the arrival is scheduled for the middle of 2021.

There has been no word on the pricing either, but as this is a device designed for enterprises, this hardly comes as a surprise.

Spec-wise, the device comes with a 1080p resolution and is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip.

It also features a pair of fish-eye cameras for all your motion tracking needs.

In case you need to grab a video for remote use, there is an integrated eight-megapixel RGB camera.

It can be tethered to a PC or an assortment of Motorola phones via the USB-C port.

Lenovo’s AR glasses came after the company announced the ThinkReality A6 head-mounted display, a related product with a more traditional approach.

According to the company’s description, the AR smart glasses are intended for use in the following industries and environments:

  • Factories
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitality spaces
  • Retail

The ThinkReality platform is designed to give life to 3D visualisation, remote assistance and guided workflows.

The aim was to design a pair of smart glasses for increasing productivity, safety and keeping error rates low when it comes to daily tasks, all while keeping them flexible, light and scalable.

It is no secret that Lenovo is convinced that the enterprise is the future for AR technology.

The company has also set foot in the consumer space with products such as the Star Wars Jedi Challenges headset, but it looks as though it will not be focusing on this as we move forward.