The launch of a new Dell IoT division

Dell has launched a new IoT division with the goal of integrating services and products across the company, as well as integrating new tools that will help speed up implementations. Over the course of the next three years, Dell plans to invest $1 billion in research and development.

Ray O’Farrell, the CTO at VMware, will oversee the new Dell IoT division. His first task will focus on IoT product development throughout the company, in addition to developing technologies.

Dell is one of the largest technology companies worldwide, employing more than 138,000 people. The company sells a variety of both hardware and software solutions. Last year, Dell merged with EMC and is now known as Dell EMC, both companies are now subsidiaries of Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies is composed of several different units, including:

– Pivotal

– Dell EMC

– VMware


Together, these units touch on many aspects of IoT. Additionally, IoT end points and gateways are estimated to become more powerful over the course of time. This is expected to reduce latency and bring more intelligence to the edge.

IoT is a huge opportunity for technology vendors on its own, as well as in the sense of broader business shifts. Along with big data analytics, it’s the central focus of most digital transformation movements. IoT is predicted to be a budget priority in addition to being an emerging theme in 2018.

According to Dell, IoT is forcing computing into a more decentralised model with more power at the edge.