Last call for faster broadband for Derry businesses

The scheme to bring faster business broadband to companies in the Derry area has been a success so far, but companies are running out of time if they want to take advantage.

Over 250 companies have already taken advantage of the scheme, which offers a connection voucher designed to cover the cost of installation. There has been a surge in demand for the connection vouchers in recent months but there is not a lot of time left for companies that want to take advantage of the initiative.

Kevin O’Connor, the head of business at the Derry City and Strabane District Council, said the vouchers are allocated to companies on a first-come, first-served basis. He is calling upon companies in the area to obtain their faster business broadband while there are still funds available for the connection vouchers.

The vouchers will cover the cost of business broadband installation up to £3,000 and a large number of companies in the area have been able to improve efficiency and productivity as a result. The vouchers are designed for SMEs, with advantages of the faster system including increased security, better customer service, and the ability to access new markets.

Ed Vaizey, the digital economy minister, said the scheme has been very popular. Companies interested in obtaining a voucher can find out more at the official Derry and Strabane SuperConnected website, which has a section dedicated to the scheme.