Lack of skills affects hybrid cloud security

Cloud computing security concept

Research from data services company The Bunker has shown that the use of hybrid cloud services brings with it increased security risks due to a lack of skills.

The research shows that while most companies moving over to cloud computing are using a hybrid system, around 31% have seen their migration fail or stall simply because staff do not have the right skills. This lack of skills has raised concerns as the hybrid cloud models have their own security risks. It is important that these risks are addressed in order to ensure that data is properly protected.

A total of 100 companies took part in the survey, and it was found that 90% of them had opted for hybrid cloud computing which had been chosen to help to make their businesses more flexible, cost efficient, and scalable. Of these companies, 70% had seen some failure of service, which had resulted in business goals being missed.

Industry experts have said that companies are not prepared for the changes that the move to cloud computing brings as it requires different skills. Companies that have experienced a failure due to lack of skills should be concerned about how secure their systems and data are.

A hybrid cloud computing system that includes payment card information needs to make sure that the cloud and the internal systems are both compliant with PCI DSS as well as ensuring that the data transfer system is secure. Businesses also need to consider if their authorisation, authentication, and identity management processes are able to work together in a variety of different environments.