Kneron launches its new AI chip

Edge AI specialist Kneron has announced the launch of KL720 SoC, a new AI chip designed to compete with Google and other big industry names.

To launch its new product, the company received support from a number of backers, including:

  • SparkLabs Taipei
  • Alibaba
  • Sequoia
  • Horizons Ventures
  • Qualcomm

Kneron has been vocal about the new chip’s hardware capacities, comparing it to the likes of Google and Intel.

The company claims that KL720 has twice the level of energy efficiency as Intel’s latest line of chips, called Movidius.

Compared to Google’s Coral Edge TPU, KL720 is about four times more efficient at running MobileNetV2 image recognition tasks.

The capacity to process videos at a 1080p resolution and 4K still images is a notable upgrade compared to the previous generation of chips.

Furthermore, it features audio recognition breakthroughs.

According to the company, this allows the chips to bypass the standard wake words and communicate with the device without delays.

Its SoC uses an Arm Cortex M4 that acts as the main control unit.

The average power consumption for the whole package is approximately 1.2W.

Albert Liu, the founder and CEO of Kneron, believes that the new chip’s power efficiency is unmatched and that its AI algorithms will pave the way for a new era of smart devices.

Thanks to its low cost, an increasing number of devices will be able to tap into the power of edge AI.

Coupled with KL520, Kneron’s existing line of products, Liu is proud to be launching what he refers to as the most comprehensive suite of AI chips and device software that the market can offer.

Finally, we have KNEO, a networking solution for devices that are powered by Kneron’s chips.

By utilising it, developers can connect multiple sensors to their private networks without having to rely on the cloud.