Jeff Teper to take over leadership of Microsoft Teams

Jeff Teper, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream and Office apps, is taking charge of Microsoft Teams.

Previously, the project was led by Brian MacDonald, who is in the process of retiring.

MacDonald is the man behind Microsoft Outlook.

Back in 2015, MacDonald decided to jot down his vision in a document that played an instrumental role in what is now known as Microsoft Teams.

Having been a faithful employee for the last 28 years, Teper has a long history working for Microsoft.

To this day, he has held important roles in the company, including being a general manager for SharePoint and being a program manager for Office 365.

In fact, some refer to him as the ‘father of Microsoft SharePoint’.

What does this mean for the future of Microsoft Teams?

For starters, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are now under the same CVP.

Since the former acts as a foundation for the latter, having the same vision in their development is likely to yield positive results when it comes to user experience.

As useful as it already is, Microsoft Teams could still be improved in various ways.

For example, Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are readily available in Stream, but there remains a lingering problem of encountering various difficulties when attempting to share these with people who are not members of your organisation.

When one wants to separate the main team’s permissions from the permissions of the secondary team and have truly private channels, a dedicated SharePoint site has to be set up.

Microsoft Teams has been received well, though and having a unified leadership over SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is bound to be beneficial for the further development of both.