Israel joins Microsoft’s cloud computing roster

Microsoft is launching a new data centre region in Israel, upping the total number of Azure-served countries to 21.

The region will go live in 2021 with Azure, and Microsoft Office 365 is soon to follow.

The move by Microsoft is another EMEA decision that goes in the same direction as the recent ones initiated in Switzerland and Germany.

Microsoft’s cloud computing sphere is growing, with a long list of customers that include:

  • eToro, a well-known trading and cryptocurrency company
  • Jfrog, a DevOps provider
  • The Tel Aviv Municipality
  • Sheba Hospital

Microsoft Europe president Michel van der Bel said that when he has conversed with customers across the EMEA region, one thing became clear: the power of the cloud is the driving factor behind their competitiveness.

Van der Bel said that offering Office 365 and Azure from a data centre in Israel forms a key part of the company’s investment and involvement in the start-up nation.

He stressed the importance of infrastructure and the role it plays in the public sector as well as the business one.

He said that infrastructure is a vital block for the tech intensity that entities in the public sector and businesses have to embrace.

The marketing slogan of ‘tech intensity’ still resonates and is particularly noticeable to those who have attended a Microsoft event or read some of the company’s marketing material.

Microsoft’s chief executive officer, Satya Nadella, first introduced it in 2018 at the Ignite conference.

At the end of 2019, Microsoft released a ‘State of Tech Intensity’ study, which polled a total of 700 executives.

The aim was to find which emerging technologies would be crucial to their future growth.

Terms such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and machine learning came at the top of the list.