Is Instagram watching even when you’re not taking photos?

A number of iOS 14 users have reported seeing the green ‘camera on’ indicator when they are browsing Instagram without using their camera.

Given that the light should turn green only when photos or videos are being taken, there have been concerns that Instagram might by spying on its users.

Some users reported seeing the green indicator light up when they accessed Create Mode from Instagram’s camera.

There is also the possibility of this happening when a user is browsing Instagram Feed and swiping into the app’s camera mode.

To address these concerns, an Instagram spokesperson reassured users that the company is already trying to fix the bug.

The spokesperson said that Instagram only accesses the camera feed upon receiving a command from the user that signals intention.

They stated that even though the light may be active, no content is being recorded when it shouldn’t be.

The bug that gives the impression that the camera is active is in iOS 14 beta.

As part of the new features introduced by iOS 14, users are receiving notifications in an aggressive manner when an app could potentially be invading their privacy.

An app that is trying to access the smartphone’s clipboard is one of these triggers.

Due to the nature of these easily triggered notifications, various iOS apps have come under scrutiny for accessing the device’s clipboard.

These apps include LinkedIn, TikTok and Reddit.

TikTok has already promised to stop this happening.

However, this only applies to iOS, as no such feature was discovered on Android devices.

LinkedIn and Reddit have also responded, saying that they are working on a fix.

Last year, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, released a fix for its iOS apps that were found to be activating the device’s camera without notifying the user.